Wouldn’t it be nice to know precisely what your smile will look like after completing your dental treatments? At Boudreau Dental Studio, we utilize digital smile design technology to show our patients an accurate digital representation of what their smile will look like after completing treatment. If you are the kind of individual who likes to see tangible results before committing to a procedure, our dentist and team may recommend that you get a digital smile design in Cincinnati, Ohio.

How Does It Work?
By using advanced imaging software, Dr. Rachelle Boudreau can create a model of your mouth using digital images of your teeth. We can then review those captured images to model treatment options and create a digital model that can simulate the treatment’s outcome.

What Are the Advantages?
Digital smile design can show you your diagnosis and your treatment options with a high level of detail. This improves communication between yourself and the dentist and team, as it allows us to cater your treatments to meet your desired outcome through visual representations. By using this tool, you are sure to reach your smile goals, while spending less time and money at Boudreau Dental Studio.

If you have any questions about digital smile design, call our office at 513-772-0722 to learn more or set up an appointment.