Our dentist and team offer cosmetic gum shaping in Cincinnati, Ohio, to help patients with “gummy smiles” to achieve a more beautiful look.

What Does a “Gummy Smile” Look Like?
Individuals with gummy smiles typically have teeth that appear short with gums that look too large due to an excess of gum tissue. This condition makes the teeth look too small and the gums too bulky. This condition is cosmetic in nature and doesn’t typically cause a negative impact on the teeth, however, many individuals choose to seek cosmetic gum shaping to enhance the look of their smile.

What Is Cosmetic Gum Surgery?
Depending on your smile needs and goals, Dr. Rachelle Boudreau may recommend that you get cosmetic gum surgery, which is often referred to as a gingivectomy, crown lengthening or cosmetic gum shaping. During this procedure, our team will remove a small portion of the gum tissue to reveal more of the tooth structure. This treatment is fast and effective and can be used to improve a gummy smile or fix an uneven or asymmetrical gumline.

If you are interested in getting this procedure at Boudreau Dental Studio, call our office at 513-772-0722. We look forward to caring for your smile needs!